Our History

How Legends Are Made

Nolan Ryan Beef® launches USDA Select Guaranteed Tender All-Natural Beef


Nolan Ryan Beef launches in Kroger across the state of Texas.


Nolan Ryan Beef® launches USDA Choice Never Ever All-Natural Beef


Nolan Ryan Beef® launches USDA Choice Never Ever All-Natural Nolan Ryan Beef® launches USDA Choice All-Natural Texas Beef


Evolution of Nolan Ryan Texas Beef to include further processed products, spices, and the launch of Nolan Ryan Grass-Fed Beef


Evolution of Nolan Ryan Beef® continues with the addition of USDA Prime Beef, introduction of case ready products and a premium burger line.


Growth of Nolan Ryan Beef® leads to the launch of Nolan Ryan Angus Beef.


Nolan Ryan Beef celebrates 20 years of partnership with Kroger including a fresh identity and focus on Texan's family traditions.


A Word From Nolan

While you may know me as a baseball player, I've been a professional cattle rancher for over 45 years and the cattle business was my first passion. From a young age, I became interested in ranching, and it has always been close to my heart. For 20 years now, Nolan Ryan Beef and Kroger have been nourishing Texans with the highest quality, Texas beef and we're just as dedicated to doing that today as we have ever been. 

As with many things in my life, I have high standards so when something isn't consistently great, I'll spend the time and energy to make it that way. Becoming a master cattle rancher takes dedication and hard work. I committed myself to it because I knew it was possible to create a consistently tender and flavorful steak. So over two decades ago, I brought together several other master cattle ranchers and beef production experts to create a beef program that would be unmatched. One that would be worthy of Texan's family traditions, and I believe we have achieved that. 

My Guarantee

I believe that so whole heartedly, that I guarantee eating Nolan Ryan Beef will be one of the best beef-eating experiences you'll have. If it doesn't live up to that standard, don't hesitate to reach out.


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