When is it done?

We know the struggle of knowing if your steaks, burgers and roasts are done. We always recommend using a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. This method will guarantee a delicious meal every time!

Ideally, we would recommend steaks to be cooked to a final temperature of 145°F (medium-rare) and ground beef cooked to a final internal temperature of 160°F (medium) to ensure the best eating experience.


Helpful Tips

Nutritional Chart

Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet is critical for having an active, healthy lifestyle. The chart below includes nutritional information on popular cuts of Nolan Ryan Beef, based on a 3 oz. portion.


Beef Cuts

Learn about the many different cuts of beef in this helpful chart from our friends at Beef Loving Texans. The beef cuts chart for butchers contains different sub-primal cuts with recommended cooking methods and lean designations for various cuts of beef.


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