Nolan Ryan Beef

Nolan Ryan Beef is a limited partnership company that is exclusively owned by me, Nolan Ryan as well as other cattle industry professionals. We strive to provide superior, safe beef products that will meet our customers’
beef needs.

Our company’s approach is to coordinate production of our beef from the cow/calf producer all the way to through the retail grocer or restaurant. We strive to meet your demands as a customer and look forward to interaction with you that will allow us to produce a product that meets your needs. It is not only our goal but it is our guarantee, which in this business is definitely a new approach.

To ensure product quality and offer our guarantee, we maintain a quality, consistent, safe and superior beef product. This assurance is not only an innovative idea, but is essential in today’s market-driven economy. Some details of this effort involve identifying superior breeding programs, ensuring animal handling safety standards, feeding practices to provide a safe and quality product, carcass selection, correct meat handling and transportation and controlled time placement on the retail shelf. We retain ownership of the product until the beef is correctly aged, which further ensures a quality eating experience.

We are so sure of our product, your every bite is backed by our guarantee.
Please look around our site and drop me a note with any questions.

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Live Animal Specifications

Effective 02-12-01

  • Our program is open to all breeds of beef cattle. We accept cattle with visible signs of Bos Indicus influence. Dairy breeds are excluded.
  • All cattle must be fed a high concentrate grain-based ration for a minimum of 100 days prior to harvest. The average grain consumption must equal 50% or more of the ration during the 100 days prior to slaughter.
  • Cattle will not be fed any feed additive that is both classified by the FDA as an “antibiotic” and is used solely for growth promotion purposes during the last 100 days they are fed in confinement prior to harvest. Furthermore, cattle cannot receive an injection of an antibiotic during the last 100 days prior to harvest. All cattle that have received an antibiotic injection during the last 100 days prior to harvest must be removed from the shipment to the packinghouse.  These cattle will be excluded from the program.
  • Cattle cannot receive a growth-stimulating hormone implant within 100 days prior to harvest.
  • Cattle cannot be fed corn products found to contain Aflatoxin exceeding recommended levels set forth by USDA.
  • Only steers and heifers are eligible for this program.
  • Cattle cannot be fed any meat or bone meal products prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration and/or USDA.