All-Natural, All American

When Nolan Ryan and his ranching partners decided to start their own brand, they wanted to make sure they created a program to provide high quality All-Natural beef at a price families could afford.

The USDA definition of All-Natural means that the product is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients added. In addition, the cattle do not receive any added growth hormone implants or antibiotic injections within 100 days of harvest and the beef is tested for antibiotic residue. These restrictions and controls are added to what occurs in commodity beef. Pesticide residues are absolutely prohibited in any USDA-inspected beef and all beef is tested for pesticide residue regularly. FDA withdrawal requirements for all approved animal health treatments are usually around 30 days with a few going to 45 days.

By strictly monitoring adherence to a 100-day withdrawal period and then testing for residue, we feel we are assuring our customers of a very safe and nutritious product. Furthermore, we only source the cattle from this program from feedlots in Texas and we have a legal relationship with our suppliers so we know where the cattle come from and how they are managed. We also go to great lengths to insure the tenderness and eating satisfaction.

To be labeled, “All-Natural” USDA says the beef must be minimally processed with no additives. We take that a step further in how our beef is produced. Read about our beef products. Our beef program combines the best practices in modern beef production with a craftsman-like approach to picking only the best beef.

We take the science of beef quality and apply it every day when we hand-select the beef that will be the most tender, juicy and flavorful. We haven’t done anything to alter the natural flavor and nutritional benefits of one of nature’s best sources of protein, iron, zinc and energy. What you get is just what nature produced, straight from our ranches and feeding locations to your plate!

Maintaining our All-Natural quality takes time, effort and dedication. Much of the beef on the market today has been “enhanced” with Sodium Phosphate, pumped with water, or other solutions to mask quality problems. Our commitment to All-Natural beef begins on the ranch and carries through the entire process.

  • Cattle in our program are raised on natural grasslands and fed a diet of high quality grains grown by local farmers.
  • All of our cattle are born, raised and processed in the U.S.
  • At the feeding stage, cattle are placed in licensed cattle feeding facilities that follow strict feeding protocols. Horse-back riders check cattle daily to ensure their comfort and health.
  • While not required, we have a third-party food safety laboratory conduct regular testing to monitor compliance and to be sure our protocols are tightly enforced.
  • We regularly audit every aspect of our program to make sure that the highest standards are maintained.
  • Our products are minimally processed and free from any additives. We forbid preservatives in any of our meat. Unlike other meats, we never pump or inject our meat with water or other solutions.

You can be confident when selecting Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef that you’ll get the health benefits of all natural, lean beef and feel good that our beef has been raised in a sustainable manner that’s good for the animals, for the land and for the communities in which our ranchers live and work.