Traditions & Values Guide Gift Giving

The gift-giving season is nearly here! Already stores are lining their shelves with holiday merchandise hoping to cash in on a more positive attitude among shoppers. For most consumers, 2009 is a year for getting back to the basics. Staycations became all the rage this summer as families decided to forego expensive trips and came up with fun ways to spend quality time together.

Simplicity and traditional values are key themes for the holidays as well. For Nolan Ryan, that’s just fine.
“I hope we get back to more traditional values where spending time with family and friends is the highlight. It doesn’t have to be about big gifts,” said Ryan. “I used to get two pairs of jeans and a couple of shirts for Christmas. Mom would wash my clothes several times a week so every day I’d have a clean pair.”
Drawing on Christmases of years past and helping to create lasting memories for the new generation is what matters most to the Ryan family.
“I’m passionate about my family. It’s fun to watch our grandkids find their passions. Whether it’s baseball or playing cowboy and riding horses at the ranch, especially around the holidays, we do things together that we all enjoy,” said Ryan. “We’re creating memories.”
Start new gift-giving traditions for your family this holiday season. Gifts don’t have to be about the monetary value … but about the memory it creates. Here are great ideas to create lasting memories this holiday season.
  • Less is more … Gift giving should be fun and not stressful. Giving smaller, heartfelt gifts creates the best memories for the giver and the receiver.
  • Give memorable gifts … Give a gift with a story behind it or something that matches a person’s passion or favorite hobby. Noteworthy gifts will cause a retelling of that story year after year.
  • Passion connects … Now more than ever, we want meaningful connections to family, friends and people with shared interests. You can build on those relationships by giving a gift linked to that person’s passion.
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