Nolan Ryan’s Beef & Texas Burger

Huntsville, Texas, May 3, 2011- With the warmer weather upon us there is nothing like the smell of juicy Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural hamburgers on a grill. Fans of Nolan Ryan’s Beef can now add another restaurant to the list of foodservice providers, Texas Burger.   

According to James Otis Carter, CEO of Texas Burger, the new partnership with Nolan Ryan’s Beef is a perfect fit for everyone.

“We are thrilled to be serving Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Texas Beef in our Texas Burger restaurants. Our goal has always been to serve our customers the highest quality hamburgers possible… One that is always fresh, never frozen,” says Carter. “The ability to provide our customers an all-natural product is something we are extremely proud to do. We are excited about making the best hamburger in Texas even better. You might be able to find a cheaper hamburger, but then you’ve got to eat it!”

“All Beef, No Bull” is the famous slogan that The Texas Burger family stands by when talking about the quality of their hamburgers. These principles are what makes this partnership with Nolan Ryan’s Beef and Texas Burger work.

“We are very happy to be able to partner with Texas Burger to further the Nolan Ryan Beef brand,” says Nolan Ryan. “There is nothing better when two companies that pride themselves on Texas traditions can come together and produce great, high quality items for the consumer.”

There are 11 Texas Burger locations including Madisonville, Crockett, Buffalo, Corrigan, Centerville, Fairfield, Rockdale, Cameron, Weimer, Needville, and Carter’s Burger in Bryan that serve Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural Beef.

For more information about Texas Burger, visit their website at  For more information a bout Nolan Ryan’s retail and foodservice product lines visit our website, or contact Ted Lawson at (936) 436-1622.

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