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New Case-Ready Packaging Extends Shelf Life for Retailers

HUNTSVILLE, Tex., November 3, 2006 – Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender Beef has introduced new case-ready packaging to ensure the quality and safety of their complete line of all natural, fresh ground beef and give retailers more flexibility in managing their meat case.

Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender Ground Beef is packaged in convenient, case-ready, leak-proof and fixed-weight packages making it easy for consumers to find that perfect one-pound portion. Traditional ground beef packaging has variable weights.

“This is a direct result of listening to consumers and to meat managers about what they want and need,” said Charlie Bradbury, CEO.  “Our new package, along with the nutritional information on the label and recipes in the store, is an important part of providing higher quality, all natural products that today’s consumers demand.”

Once filled with precise portions, each modified-atmosphere, barrier foam package is hermetically sealed with a double layer of film for freshness and an 18-day shelf life. When the retailer is ready to stock the case, the top layer of film is removed allowing the meat to “bloom” and achieve its natural, bright red color. These packages then have a two to three-day shelf life.

Because of these features, the package also has an element of biosecurity. Any disruption to the seal during transit could immediately be noticed and signal the meat manager to not place it on the shelf.  Each package also is marked with a “peel by” date so the retailer can track the freshness of the product once it arrives at that store. Both USDA and FDA have approved this type of packaging for fresh meat.

“Quality in everything we produce – from our signature steaks to our American Heart Association-certified 96% lean ground beef – has always been a priority for me and my ranching partners,” said Nolan Ryan. “This new packaging is just the next step in providing consumers and our retail partners with a quality product they can be confident in.”
Fixed-weight portions of Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender Ground Round 96% Lean, Gourmet Ground Beef 90% Lean, Ground Chuck Patties 85% Lean and Chili Meat are available in black or white trays. For more information about case-ready ground beef from Nolan Ryan’s Guaranteed Tender Meats, contact Charlie Bradbury at (936) 436-1622.

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