Grilling Guide


Whether you call it grilling or barbecuing, we call it delicious. There’s just something about that sizzle, aroma and, of course, flavor that is irresistible. Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural steaks were made for outdoor (and now sometimes indoor!) cooking.

While today’s array of fancy grills, equipment and accessories can be intimidating, we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide that’s sure to bring out your inner grill master.

Basic Grilling Instructions

Reese Ryan, one of Nolan’s three children, has assumed the role of “grillmaster” in the Ryan family. Here’s an overview of how to achieve a great grilling experience.

Start with your favorite cut of Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural steak. Frozen steaks are best thawed in the refrigerator, which takes 12-18 hours, depending on the cut. It’s worth the wait. Then, bring the meat to room temperature, which takes 20-30 minutes, maybe not so coincidentally, about the same amount of time as pre-heating your gas grill or building a bed of hot coals.

Grilling success hinges on a two-stage cooking process. First, you want to use direct (hot) heat to sear the meat to lock in natural juiciness. Then continue cooking using indirect (warm) heat to desired doneness. While you can cook a steak completely using the direct (right over the heat source) method, doing it in two stages will give you more consistent results and bring out the flavor and tenderness you expect from Nolan Ryan’s steaks.

Preparing the Steaks

Remove the steaks from the refrigerator. Season or marinate as desired, or leave them au natural, but resist the urge to poke your steaks with a fork. Nolan Ryan’s steaks are already guaranteed tender, poking with a fork will reduce the meats natural juices, dulling the flavor and drying the texture. Pre-heat your gas grill or light your charcoal.

Getting the Heat Right

You’re ready to put the meat on the grill when your gas grill gauge reads 400°-450° or your charcoal coals have a light, even coating of gray ash. Your grill is about perfect when you can hold your hand four inches above the heat source for a count of four seconds before you need to pull it away. If you can hold it there for a longer time, you’ll want to let it keep heating. If you don’t make it to four, then you’ll want to turn it down a little. Spread the coals in one layer, large enough to extend about 1” past the edge of your steaks. To get great-looking grill marks, make sure your grill grate is pre-heated too. Put the meat on the grill, directly over the heat source.

Searing in the Flavor

Sear the meat over the hot grill for 1 minute on each side if using charcoal, or 2 minutes on each side if using a gas grill. Resist the urge to poke and prod you steak or burger to retain as much moisture in the meat as possible and keep it juicy.

Cooking to Desired Doneness

Reduce the heat on your gas grill to medium or adjust your charcoal grill to indirect heat by rearranging coals so they’re not directly beneath the meat. Grill to taste, flipping only once halfway through cooking time. Remove the steaks from the grill when internal temperature is 5° below desired level of doneness. Let steaks rest a few minutes before cutting to retain juices.

The time it takes to grill your steaks varies, depending on the cut of meat, type of grill, temperature and even the weather, not to mention the degree of doneness desired. We recommend grilling Nolan Ryan’s All-Natural steaks to rare, medium rare or medium to bring out the best flavor and tenderness. Use the chart below as a guide, but watch your steaks carefully for best results. Overcooking dries out a steak, making it less tender and flavorful.

Doneness Temperature Approximate Time
Rare 140° 3 minutes, flip, then 4 minutes
Medium Rare 145° 4 minutes, flip, then 4 minutes
Medium 160° 4 minutes, flip, then 5 minutes